Scandalous Minister Raped his Indonesian Maid : Wikileaks

KUALA LUMPUR: Information, Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim has refuted allegations that he raped his Indonesian maid in 2007.

"I refute the allegations, whether they are about raping any individual four years ago (2007) or any other allegation, raised by bloggers on the Internet or by any political entity," he said in a statement on Wednesday.

He described the allegations against him in blog reports and by the Opposition as "heaps of libellous statements and awful, ugly and wicked lies".

"I state readily that any report by anyone so far related to this matter should be investigated under the country's laws," he said.

Dr Rais said he and his family members were prepared to extend full cooperation in such an investigation, and would accept and comply with any outcome of the official probe.

The allegations against a senior Malaysian Cabinet minister were contained in cables made public by whistle-blowing website Wikileaks.

Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) head Badrul Hisham Shaharin, or better known as Chegu Bard said it was strange that the minister had remained quiet although it had been days since the issue was first raised.

"As far as we are concerned, he is only guilty until proven guilty. He is still an innocent party but he must come forward and say something...Malaysians would assume that he is guilty if he continues to keep quiet," he said.

Badrul Hisham said this before lodging a report on the matter at the Seremban 2 police station here.

"He must say something because almost every blogger isl talking about it. Although he is still innocent, the manner his name is being mentioned shows that he is guilty of the crime as he has chose to remain silent," he said.

Following the revelation by Wikileaks, Migrant Care, a non-governmental organisation which looked into the wellbeing of Indonesian workers lodged a police report claiming that the victim was allegedly raped in Feb 2007. She was then deported to Indonesia.

Badul Hisham said since the minister had made a police report against a blogger immediately after the latter claimed that there were irregularities in the awarding of contracts in his ministry, it was only proper for the minister to respond to the latest allegation promptly.

"We are worried that being a senior minister, he can be blackmailed if he does not openly deny the charge. This will eventually become a problem to national security," he said.

He said the police should also immediately start a probe into the allegation.

"If the police remains quiet, then the people would say that ministers are a privileged lot and given special protection," he said adding that the minister should be suspended from his official duties pending the outcome of the investigations.

Badrul Hisham said if the authorities failed to address then allegation, this could cause unnecessary tension in ties between Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta.

"We are giving the police 14 days to begin its probe into the allegation failing which we would be forced to adopt more drastic measures to compel the authorities to do so," he said.

Meanwhile, PKR Youth said it believed the allegations concerning the rape of an Indonesian domestic helper by a Malaysian minister are true, said Youth head Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin.

"PKR Youth views such revelations seriously. The incident happened on Feb 19, 2007 but the (survivor) has been forced to keep mum as threats were made against her," he claimed in a statement in a news portal.

He said no action had been taken against the minister for fear of regional conflict.

"The issue is being hotly debated in the cyber-world. As to the validity of the allegation, only (the minister) and God know (the truth)," he said, adding that the issue would affect ties between Malaysia and Indonesia if no action was taken.

He urged for an in-depth investigation to be conducted.

"The minister concerned should also come forward and set the record straight if there is no truth to the allegation," he said.

He said PKR Youth would conduct a fact-finding mission to Indonesian non-govermental organisation Migrant Care who wrote the report after interviewing the victim, as well as to other Indonesian agencies.

The website also quoted Shamsul as saying that PKR Youth member, Badrul Hisham Shaharin - better known as Chegubard - planned to lodge a police report on the issue.

On Monday, Malaysiakini published a story entitled "Alleged rape victim fears minister's reach" in which it quoted a purported letter by the victim's younger sister who wanted justice to be done.

Here is some of the leaked messages thru Wikileaks....

We Are Extremely Concern About The Alarming Increases In Number Of Such Rape And Physical Abuses Incidents Happened In Malaysia Two Years Ago We Failed To Advocate For An Indonesian Maid Who Was Raped By A Minister From Kedah We Wish To Express Our Gratitude Towards The Concern Of Ok Kita Tinggalkan Isu Rais Yatim Pasal Kes Rogol Amah Indon Tu Cuma Kita Nak Tunggu Samada RTM12 Dan 3 Serta Akhbar2 Pencacai Sekalian Nak Mainkan 3 Beberapa Jam Yang Lalu

Pak Lah Covered Up Ministers Rape Case According To Popular Blog Rockys Bru An International Nongovernmental Organisation Had Also Reported That The Alleged Rape Happened In Kuala Lumpur 11 Beberapa Jam Yang Lalu

Scandalous Police Beats Up Chinese Businessman Outside Magistrate

PETALING JAYA - A MALAYSIAN businessman has claimed that he was taken round several police stations and badly beaten up by police who also took RM13,000 (S$5,000) of his money.

Mr Chia Buang Hing, a framemaker, said he was kicked and stepped on until he vomited blood, and threatened with more charges when he protested.

He claimed that the series of brutalities took place at the carpark and toilet of a police station in Selangor, the Petaling Jaya police headquarters and outside the magistrate's court in Selangor.

'I was beaten up outside the court after I made a complaint to the magistrate,' the 34-year-old claimed.

The businessman, who recounted his alleged ordeal last Friday, has filed a report against the police and is now considering taking further action.

On Sunday, two policemen, aged 25 and 27, from the Damansara police station were arrested after Mr Chia identified them from a line-up.

Saiful-Farah Scandal

The World watches as Malaysia, with the help of Barisan, make a fool of itself in a nonsensical Sodomy Trial of Anwar. As expected one will need another lie to cover up the first lie, and on and on it the shaming of itself develops into more shits being exposed. Next coming up of Saiful-Farah Scandal.
KUALA LUMPUR: The prosecution and defence teams are expected to lock horns over the star witness when Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy trial resumes tomorrow.

The defence wants Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan to be recalled to the stand to answer the allegation of his sexual relationship with deputy public prosecutor Farah Azlina Latif.

Freedom Malaysia Today learnt that the defence team had written to Solicitor-General II Mohamed Yusof last week asking that Saiful be called in again. However, there has been no response.

A source said if the court agreed to recall Saiful, then Farah would also be summoned to be identified by the former.

When approached for confirmation, lead counsel Karpal Singh declined to reveal the details, saying it would not be proper to disclose the defence's strategy at this stage.

However, he stressed that the Saiful-Farah episode had tarnished the prosecution's integrity.

"In fact for Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail to come up with a statement on this issue shows something,” he said.

In an unprecedented move, Gani issued a press statement on Tuesday confirming that Farah had been dropped from the prosecution team and the prosecution division of the A-G's Chambers.

He also downplayed her role in the prosecution team, saying that it was confined to taking down notes of the proceedings and that she had no access to the investigation papers.

Doc to be grilled as well

Meanwhile, Karpal confirmed that he would be in court tomorrow although he had yet to fully recover from a lung infection.

Initially, the trial was set to resume on July 19 but was postponed after Karpal went on a two-week medical leave where he was hospitalised at the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC).

Justice Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah allowed the postponement after the defence team assured that the trial would resume on Aug 2 even without Karpal's presence. The trial is scheduled fron Aug 2 to Aug 30.

In another development, the defence team is also expected to grill Kuala Lumpur Hospital general surgeon Dr Mohd Razali Ibrahim over his testimony regarding the chemist's report on samples taken from Saiful's anus which showed that penetration took place.

Razali, the second prosecution witness after Saiful, had told the court that the clinical report done by him and two other doctors on July 13, 2008, stated that there were no conclusive findings of penetration because it was prepared without the sample analysis from the Chemistry Department.

However, an exhibit tendered in court clearly stated that the chemist's report was received by Razali and the other doctors on July 11, 2008.

The report stated:

* No detectable alcohol and other common drugs in the blood sample from the patient

* Presence of semen on swabs B5, B7, B8 and B9 (samples taken by Razali)

* No foreign source DNA from swabs taken

* A mixture of male DNA types from swab B5

* Male DNA types from two individuals from swabs B7, B8 and B9.

The anal examination on Saiful revealed that there were no scars or fissures on the external area of the anus or any sign of recent injuries.
During his testimony on June 3, Razali, who was shown the chemist's report for the first time, told the court that based on his clinical findings and the report before him, he could confirm that there was penetration.
He also told the court that sodomy could occur without causing any injuries.
Kuala Lumpur, Jul 28 (AP) A Malaysian prosecutor reportedly having an affair with the man who accused opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim of sodomy has been removed from Anwar's trial in a twist that lawyers warned today could undermine the prosecution's integrity.

Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail was reported as saying late yesterday that deputy public prosecutor Farah Azlina Latif has been removed not because she is guilty of any wrongdoing, but to protect the credibility of the eight-man prosecution team in Anwar's trial.
The online Malaysia Today news portal recently reported a romantic link between Farah and Saiful Bukhari Azlan, a male former aide whose sodomy accusations against Anwar have been dismissed by the opposition leader as a government plot to thwart his political bloc.

"We take it seriously and there is no compromise whatsoever on matters of etiquette," Gani was reported as saying by the local media.

Top Malaysian Singer Linda Rafar - Scandal before Marriage

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Scandalous School of Terror Shocked Malaysia

RAWANG, MALAYSIA - Students at a co-ed secondary school in Rawang, Selangor, dread going to school every day knowing what awaits them when they step into the compound. Groups of boys randomly pounce on their schoolmates almost every day, demanding protection money ranging from RM8 to RM36.

Those who refuse to pay are assaulted or mocked until they pay up. Violent attacks, rapes and drunken binges by schoolboys spewing four-letter words are all common in this school.

And it's not just fellow students who are afraid. Residents outside the school are equally afraid of these schoolboy gang members.

The Starprobe team went undercover to talk to students, former students, parents, teachers and residents, revealing a sorry story of triad activities, drug distribution, alcoholism, vandalism and sexual crimes.

School gangs make it hell for all
RAWANG, MALAYSIA - They are not just ordinary backyard school bullies - at just 14 and 16, they are already hardcore gangsters and now, sadistic rapists. They strike terror among their schoolmates and even the teachers, and residents in the two neighbourhoods near the school live in fear of them.

Afraid of what these teenagers could do to them, teachers, parents and residents have instead opted to keep quiet. Cases of molest are said to be rampant, but almost all of these cases went unreported as the victims feared more severe "repercussions". However, the matter came to light after a police report was lodged over the rape of a Form 2 girl by her schoolmates at their school premises.

The news shocked the nation, and Malaysians want to know how the student could have been attacked in her school where she is supposed to be safe. Several students, overcome by the plight of the rape victim, broke the news to the caretaker of an orphanage. The 14-year-old girl had been repeatedly raped by several of her classmates in various locations of the school over a three-week period.

A medical examination carried out revealed that a 4cm-long pencil had been lodged in her private parts. The Starprobe team spent almost four weeks to unearth the truth - such was the extent of fear that gripped the community. More than 20 people were interviewed, including students, residents, parents and teachers.

The team investigating the goings-on in the school was told that the girl had also been tortured by the same group of boys. They were detained by police but have since been released on police bail. A friend of the victim claimed that a bottle of minyak cap kapak (medicated oil) was emptied into the victim's private parts. "The boys also stuffed ice cubes in," she claimed.

That the girls were fearful to even talk to the Starprobe team was evident - they spoke only after shutting the doors and windows, pulling the curtains and turning up the TV volume. They were uneasy with the questions asked, but eventually revealed that there were three "triads" - known as 08, 21 and 36 - operating within and outside the school grounds. Randy (not his real name), a former triad member, said extorting from schoolmates was an everyday occurrence. What is interesting was how the amount extorted came about.

"If the triad number is 08, the amount extorted is RM8," he said, adding that those who refused to pay would be beaten up. He also claimed that some gang members distributed drugs like ganja, ketamine and Eramin 5 in school. "The drugs are sourced from gangsters on the outside," he said. A Form Four student said she saw a Form Three girl being molested by eight boys in two incidents in the girls' toilet and in an empty classroom in March.

"I am shocked that they can do this without any fear or remorse," she added. A resident, Sarimah (not her real name), said her family were constantly troubled by the bullies, who used a short-cut near her home to go to school. "My daughters are afraid even to go out and play whenever they are around," said the mother of three. She said the boys had even vandalised her husband's car and thrown stones into her house. "They also use vulgar words liberally," she added.

When Sarimah reported the matter to the school, she said a teacher told her to move elsewhere if she could not take the torment. A caretaker of a Muslim cemetery beside the school said the bullies would get intoxicated on alcohol and drugs, and dance at the cemetery to taunt him. "During one of their drinking sessions, they pelted me with stones when I questioned them. They told me to mind my own business and threatened to assault me," he said, adding that he gave photographs of the students to the school management but no action had been taken.

Checks showed that graffiti depicted the gangs' triad numbers on the walls of the school. The bullies also damaged vehicles parked in the school grounds, smashing windscreens and vandalising cars belonging to teachers. "Happy hour" sessions are on every Friday afternoon next to the cemetery.

The Intan Scandal

Now we have this really innocent looking Malaysian chick. Popularly known as the Intan Scandal meaning either her name is Intan or this scandal originates from Teluk Intan or somewhere with the word Intan as a name. Innocent and sweet she maybe, but what we saw in her Friendster's account is a totally different animal, especially by night fall. By the way, with Facebook, why would anyone still hang around in Friendster?

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This leaked photo scandal from the popular social networking site of a hot and ready for some sex Malay hottie is now widely known as "Intan Private Friendster" or "Intan Scandal."

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Scandalous Condo Lift Robbery

The sisters, aged 28 and 35, who had returned home from an outing, were confronted by a lone robber inside the lift.

Even the lifts in condominiums secured by guards may not be safe, two sisters have found. Photographs taken from the condominium's security CCTV, made available to theSun by a member of the public, show the robber loitering in the corridor next to the elevator and following the sisters into a lift.

The women, who are now down on the floor of the lift, holding on to their belongings as the robber pulls the handbag away violently.

According to Petaling Jaya police chief ACP Arjunaidi Mohamad, one of the sisters was slashed in her hand but her injury was not serious. He said police had increased their patrols in the area and are trying to trace the robber from the images obtained from the CCTV recording.